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  Manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic components by modern technology

 The enterprise accepts requests for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, installation of printed circuit boards and electronic components of varying complexity with the use of surface mount technology on modern high-precision equipment on the automated line of the company "Suzuki" (Japan) under the requirements of the most demanding customers!

 Manufacturing of printed circuit boards and their automated installation is a high quality and reliability at a reasonable price due to the use of modern technologies and electronic components, and this is the main indicator of the competitiveness of products in the oversaturated electronics market.

 Enterprise Novator has created a unique production of printed circuit boards, which at the modern level provides:

  • design of PCB topology;
  • manufacture of single-, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards;
  • urgent production of prototypes;
  • small-scale manufacturing;
  • serial and large-scale manufacturing;
  • installation and mounting of SMD and DIP elements on the surface mounting and soldering lines:


 All technological operations for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and components use advanced technological and auxiliary equipment:

  • production of photo originals – firm "MIVATEC" (Germany)
  • drilling and machining – firm "POSALUX" (Switzerland)
  • pressing Multi layer PCB – firm "LAUFFER" (Holland)
  • chemical-galvanic metallization – firm "ATOTECH" (Germany)
  • chemical processing on horizontal lines firm «NPP Special Technological Equipment» Ltd. (Ukraine)
  • coating HALS – process
  • electrical control – "PROBOT" (USA)
  • surface mounting line and double wave soldering – firm "SUZUKI" (Japan)
  • optical control

Attention! In December 2017, SE Novator opened a new modern line.

Only at SE Novator. The only enterprise in Ukraine has such technological capabilities - the line of the finish lead-free coating Ni-Au with the X-ray control of the thickness of the coating behind the technological process of the world firm ATOTECH (Germany).

Technological possibilities:
- maximum PCB size, mm: SsPCB, DsPCB – 400х400, MlPCB 245х215;
- minimum opening, mm: 0.3–0.4;
ratio of the diameter of the metallized
 holes to the thickness of the board
- minimum conductor width, mm 0.1;
- minimal clearance, mm 0.1;
- protective mask photoimageable;
- cover for mounting HALS; Ni – Au;
- marking method of screen printing;
- contour processing milling;
- interlayer joints cross-cutting;
- manufacturing of PCB on an aluminum base;
- making stencils for application of solder paste:

  1. The prices in UAH per dm² of the PCB are calculated for a single order of one name, provided that the technical requirements for the documentation are complied with for board sizes from 0.45 dm², material thickness 1.0-1.5 mm without special machining (complex contour, windows, etc.) with a minimum dimension of current-carrying elements of more than 0.2 mm. For multilayer PCBs, the prices are indicated in accordance with the standard structure. Material type FR-4.
  2. For PCBs with the size of current-carrying elements (conductor, clearance) from 0,15 to 0,2 mm, the coefficient 1,1 is used.
  3. For PCBs of the 5th class, the conductor gap is less than 0.15mm coefficient 1.5.
  4. For manufacturing PCBs with an area of less than 0.4 dm², a coefficient of 1.2 is applied.
  5. For re-ordering the cost of production preparation is not calculated.
  6. Terms of manufacturing:
    • for single sided PCB – 7 working days;
    • for double sided PCB– 12 working days;
    • for multilayer PCB – 18 working days:
Our enterprise provides SMD mounting services:
  • surface mounting, manual and automatic,
  • completing with elements.
Quality assurance:
  • The work is performed by highly qualified specialists.
  • All workplaces are protected against static electricity.
  • For each PCB, 100% optical control is performed.
The production is certified according to international standards ISO 9001.

Our enterprise provides services for the manufacturing and installation of microwave boards on polycore, laminate, sitall, dyeroid.

For the information clarification, to receive prices, please call:
mob. tel. 0964394639 Nataliya Yevheniivna

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