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ГП Новатор

Novator State Enterprise is a modern enterprise with production of a high technical level and modern technologies.

Novator SE — Khmelnitsky radio engineering plant — was founded in 1966 in the structure of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry as one of the enterprises to manufacture airborne radio electronic, radar, radio navigation and other equipment for aviation and aerospace branches.

Our specialists possess a high skill which allows them to guarantee irreproachability both when designing new products and when making sophisticated radio electronic equipment, using the most modern software as well as when making precise mechanical, microelectronic, microwave devices, radar materiel.

Assemblies for the airborne fire-control systems of the MiG-21 fighters were one of the first specimens of products mastered by the plant in late 60s – early 70s.

At the same time, the enterprise began series production of flat micromodules which, at the moment, had played a great role as components for strategic missile building, aviation and astronautics, having allowed to gain time till mastering of solid-state technologies by the electronic industry.

This technology was constantly improved, acquiring modern features in the form of thin- and thick-film hybrid microcircuits and then also modern microassemblies.

In the middle of 70s, the plant mastered series production of aircraft transponders and service equipment for their maintenance which, in the course of time, became ones of permanent types of series production of the enterprise (during long years, the plant was a single manufacturer of these products) and, up to now, are an important constituent part of the production. The whole modern fleet of military and civil aviation of the CIS is equipped with aircraft transponders made by Novator SE.

VEYER short-range navigation and landing system, KVADRAT air carrier deck landing system were also mastered.

During the whole period of the plant activities as a constituent part of the USSR military industrial complex, its base was used as an experimental base for development of the newest types of radio electronic and radar materiel. Some products were made in unique copies or small batches. This caused the necessity and, alongside with this, gave to the plant the possibility to invite or train highly skilled specialists capable to start production of new types of the most modern products within a short period of time.

The enterprise took part in creation of SHMEL long-range radar detection system — Soviet analog of the US AWACS system — and mastered production of some of its major components, namely, the information display and input rack, receiver and computer units.

The plant mastered and made SABLIA and SHOMPOL airborne side-scanning radars, SHPIL laser reconnaissance complexes.

The basic units and assemblies of the BUK-M2 medium-range ground mobile air defence system radar designed to detect, track and destroy aerodynamic and ballistic targets, including those at low altitudes, were prepared for series production.

Mastering of the H019 airborne FCRC (fire-control radar complex) of the MiG-29 fighter, basic units of the FCRC of the Su-27 fighter as well as service equipment for their maintenance was a decisive stage in the development of the enterprise. Novator SE is a single manufacturer of these products in Ukraine. To provide their series production, the infrastructure of a production base for powerful microwave materiel with screen chambers, environmental tests chambers, metrological support system was created. The enterprise specialists developed and introduced the automated system for test of the parameters of the H019 product and its basic units. Testers for check of the parameters and routine repair of the products and units at the users’ were developed and are under series production.

The preserved links with the enterprises – developers of these systems allow the plant to take part in upgrade of these products, namely, to make assemblies and units for KOPYO, TOPAZ, SAPPHIRE, ZHUK products et al. (in prospect, series production of these products) which are upgraded radars for the MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29, Su-27 fighters. A whole spectrum of constituent products and assemblies, including microassemblies, waveguides, wound assemblies, is made. Service equipment making part of the stationary and mobile complexes to maintain these systems is also made.

The enterprise effects a wide cooperation with the users as to upgrade, post-guarantee repair, offers services connected with maintenance of serviceability of the supplied products, trains specialists in their repair and maintenance.

Effecting conversion of the production, the plant began production of communication and traffic safety facilities at the railway transport, namely, the РС-1 and СР-1 locomotive communication duplex system stations, the РЛ-1С type simplex locomotive short-wave and frequency-modulation band radio stations, the АБ ЧКУ, АЛС МР traffic safety microprocessor equipment.

Manufacture of new products began in the production areas released after reduction of the scope of production of military-purpose materiel:

  • G2.5 РЛ, G4 РЛ, G6 РЛ, G10 РЛ Ех rotary type household gas meters
  • ЛК-15, ЛК-20, ЛК-25, ЛК-32, ЛК-40, ЛТ-50 water meters
  • ЛО-1000, ЛТ-1, ЛТ-3 electricity meters
  • LED luminaires for office, street, highway lighting, working places and dwelling and communal facilities
  • AECMAS system
  • medical physiotherapeutic equipment which is used to exert a therapeutic effect on the human organism with various physical factors both under stationary and household conditions: ALIMP-1, ALIMP mini, KORONA-02, KORONA-05, MAG-30-04, MAG-30-04Т, UFIT SR, UFIT SМ, UFIT-А (В), KORONA-S, KORONA-S+U, PROSTAM, HEMOTON, APOLLO-1М, THERMOLOR, nitrate tester.

Since 2011 Novator SE makes part of UkrOboronProm State Concern ( ).

Novator State Enterprise takes care of well-being, level of culture, social protection of its employees. There are a spacious dining-hall for several hundred places, a sports complex here.