state enterprise
Small-Size Local
Darsonvalization Apparatus

KORONA small-size d'Arsonval apparatus substitutes as well as supplements and repeatedly intensifies efficiency of the action of creams and ointments, possesses unique properties for prophylaxis and treatment of not only dermatologic but neurologic, vascular, respiratory and other diseases as well.

KORONA is used in cosmetology, sports medicine, at medical and prophylactic institutions as well as in the practice of the family doctor, home physiotherapy. The simplicity and convenience of KORONA in service makes it indispensable for use under home conditions (on the recommendation of the doctor).

A corona discharge which occurs between the body surface and electrode develops not only in the air interval but also in the depths of biologic tissues. The electromagnetic radiations of various bands which occur in the depths of tissues stimulate metabolism, tissue respiration, normalize activity of the vegetative nervous system, activity of the endocrinous glands, promote partial resorption of salt conglomerates in the joints, regeneration of the affected tissue.

KORONA apparatus corresponds to the requirements of state standards for medical devices approved by the Ministry of Health and has the corresponding certificates.

The apparatus is recommended to treat such diseases:
  • skin diseases (eczema, lichen, juvenile acne, neurodermite, psoriasis, lichen ruber planus, focal and systemic sclerodermia, keloids, hair shedding, seborrhea, dandruff et al.);
  • purulent and inflammatory processes (furunculi, burns, frost-bites, contusions, hematomas, postoperative infiltrates and wounds, trophic ulcers et al.);
  • respiratory system diseases (tracheitises, bronchitises, bronchial asthma et al.);
  • nasal diseases (allergic rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis et al.);
  • diseases of muscles, tendons, aponeuroses (myalgia, myositis et al.);
  • diseases of joints (polyarthritis, arthritis, spondylarthrosis et al.);
  • diseases of arteries and veins (obliterating endarteritis, Raynaud’s disease, varicosis, thrombophlebitises, trophic ulcers);
  • neurologic diseases (neuritises, functional vegetovascular diseases).
Amplitude value of output voltage (smoothly adjusted from minimum to maximum), minimum, kV 15
Repetition frequency of video pulse trains, Hz 100
Carrier frequency of pulses, kHz 110
Alternating-current supply voltage, V 220
Apparatus mass (without package), kg 0.5
Cyclic mode of operation during 8 hours:
20 min of operation, 10 min of interval