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MAG-30 with Timer
Magnetotherapy Apparatus
with Timer

The apparatus is designed to exert a therapeutic effect on the human organism with an alternating inhomogeneous magnetic field.

A low-frequency sinusoidal magnetic field has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, improves microcirculatory processes and local blood circulation, promoting resorption of an inflammatory and traumatic edema, improving conditions for renewal of the injured tissues.

The alternating magnetic field action is endured well by weakened patients, patients of elderly and senile age suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system.

This allows to use the apparatus in many cases when the influence with other physical factors (such as UHF, SHF therapy) is not indicated.

The magnetic field action does not cause skin irritation.

Indications for Use:
  • fracture of bones of the extremities, pelvis, spine;
  • internal injuries of joints;
  • contusion of soft tissues, hematoma, injuries of muscles;
  • posttraumatic edema;
  • periarticular bursitis;
  • spinal osteochondrosis;
  • meniscus traumas.
Alternating-current supply voltage, V 220
Apparatus mass, kg 0.6
Overall dimensions, mm 110.5х 72.5х 34.2