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Ultraviolet Irradiation

UFIT-А is a medical device of ultraviolet irradiation. This is a practical and economical apparatus to treat various skin diseases. It is used at therapeutic and prophylactic institutions and in home physiotherapy on the prescription of the doctor.

It is handy in use thanks to a small weight and a comfortable shape. The apparatus is designed for mobile use. The apparatus comfort is in the fact that it may be used at any time and in any premises, including dwelling-houses, offices.

UFIT-А is successfully used in case of such diseases as atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis, pustules, morphea guttata, keloid cicatrices. The apparatus allows to remove external manifestations of the diseases and to maintain the skin in the proper condition. Longer periods of remission and insignificant manifestations of the disease without grave complications can be achieved with the help of treatment with UFIT-A apparatus.

Treatment of the skin on the head (usually this is a complicated procedure) is accomplished easily with the help of the removable attachment – comb which, unlike foreign analogs, “conducts” the energy of ultraviolet, having provided focused irradiation of the skin in the spots of the contact.

The basis of treatment with UFIT-A apparatus is directional irradiation of the ultraviolet spectrum with a wave-length of (315–400) nm. To protect eyes, the set includes goggles guaranteeing 100-% protection against ultraviolet during the treatment.

The apparatus was designed, using modern technologies and according to the acting safety standards.

Mains voltage, frequency 220 V, 50 Hz
Current consumption 0.3 А
Irradiation power 9 W/m2
Inductor body 155х60х84 mm
Irradiator body 295х57х52 mm
Mass 0.71 kg
Individual, reusable package