state enterprise
Automatic system control and
accounting energy resources

Relevance of implementation ASCAE

Development of technique causes increasing of energy resources consumption, and from the other side increase in their value. In such conditions becomes very relevant objective accounting consumed resources and effective measures prevention of unauthorized selection.

The effective method of performing these tasks is to create system which displays in real time current consuming electricity, water, gas. Availability of such information allows providing regulations of power of supply energy carriers thereby lower specific losses for their transportation, timely detect and troubleshoot meters, detect the attempts of theft, control the payment for consuming of energy resources by subscribers.

Reliable control of energy consumption

Automatic system control and accounting energy (ASCAE) provides commercial and technical accounting, operative control current capacity, commercial accounting and operative control energy consumption, support decisions making while planning energy consuming and working out energy saving policy.

System peculiarities

ASCAE NOVATOR developed by enterprise on basis of water meters, gas, electricity serially produced by enterprise with the use of means of information developed by firms Zig Bee, M Bus, with using the protocols of data transfer DLMS, RS 485, communication channel GSM.

Development of all components on one single enterprise allows avoiding a lot of problems of parameters docking, software processing, metrological certification. All elements of system before supply to consumer are tested and primary check by State standard bodies.

System ASCAE for houses, streets, city, state

Enterprise NOVATOR projects, produces and implements system of utilities ASCAE, which is designed for new facilities, and modernization of built up earlier.

ASCAE consists of set of control-measurement devices, communication lines (data transmission network), computer and software, which are connected to the single system for data transmission about consumed by subscribers of energy carriers directly to suppliers of energy resources.

Projecting, installation and service

    Set ASCAE:
  1. Water meters ЛК-15С
  2. Gas meters G2, 5 РЛС
  3. Electricity meters ЛО-1000 (ЛТ-1)
  4. Electricity meter ЛТ-3
  5. Water meter ЛК-32
  6. Router
  7. Concentrator
  8. Modem GSM / GPRS-USB
  9. Software

Projecting and introduction of automation system

    System ASCAE is designed for solving tasks of energy market of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries:
  • excluding uncountable consuming of energy by household sector;
  • control of household networks for detection of unauthorized consuming of electricity;
  • monitoring of consumption and timely payment by household consumers;
  • составление balance energy carriers by areas, substations, buildings;
  • planning of energy consumption in the networks of the owner of electric energy;
  • price reduction and “simplification” configuration collection system, storage and transmission of commercial data.
    System wireless accounting meters, developed by enterprise NOVATOR solves all the tasks, by realizing of the following functions:
  • non-contact gathering data accounting energy carriers from electricity meters;
  • distance monitoring of balance;
  • presence in used equipment energy independent memory, fixating all unauthorized actions on system of data gathering;
  • possibilities of unlimited expansion of the survey network.