state enterprise
ЛО-1000 Electronic
One-Phase One-Tariff
Electricity Meters

Novator State Enterprise offers cooperation in the field of sales of the ЛО-1000 one-phase one-tariff alternating-current electricity meters.

The ЛО-1000 electronic one-phase alternating-current electricity meters of accuracy class 1.0 are designed to account active electricity of forward direction in the one-phase circuits of alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, when paying for electricity as per the tariff not-differentiated by the day time (one-zone tariff).

The meters are installed in the household and industrial premises if there are no aggressive vapours and gases in the environment and also can be used in the automated electricity accounting systems and in the automated energy consumption modes controller’s systems, electricity in the housing and communal sphere, at the industrial and other enterprises and in agriculture. The accounting data are output to the electromechanical counting device and to the telemetric output.

Operating service conditions:

  • ambient air temperature from minus 40 to plus 55 ºС
  • atmospheric pressure of 84–106.7 kPа (630–800 mm Hg)

The meters are designed for continuous operation without maintenance.

The inter-test interval of the periodic test of the meters is 16 years.

The basic technical characteristics are given in the Table:

Parameter nameParameter value
Accuracy class as per ГОСТ 302071.0
Nominal voltage, V230±10%
Operating range of voltages176 V to 253 V
Nominal frequency, Hz50±5%
Nominal current strength In, А5,0
Minimal current strength, А0,25
Maximal current strength, А50 или 60 А
Gear ratio of basic transmitting device, pulse/kW∙h3200
Sensitivity, А0,012
Capacity of meter with electromechanical counting device999999,9
Average service life30 years, minimum
Meter poweron mains of ~220 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions, mm125x210x75
Mass, kg, maximum1.0

The meter is entered into the state register of measuring facilities, under number У1754-07.

The ЛО-1000 meters are two-element ones with measuring elements in the phase and neutral wire, with indication of incorrect connection of the load and difference of currents in the phase and neutral wire, this locks attempts of electricity thieving, and readings increment with any direction of the measured electricity flux.

The meters provide protection of the counting mechanism against a constant magnetic field, due to screening.

The meter design gives a possibility to use it in the AECMAS system with wireless transmission of the information on consumption.

The meter body provides a possibility to mount it on the spot of the old induction meter, not changing the fixing holes, or to fix it on the DIN bar.

The power circuit provides a possibility of a long-term action of a voltage of 380 V at the meter terminals.

The contact clamps provide a reliable connection of the external wire conductors with a diameter of the conductor up to 8 mm. The current sensors are made by the method of welding. The losses at the current sensors do not exceed 0.01 W with the nominal current.

The meters provide linearity of energy measurement with a current from 0.2 А to 60 А.

The ЛО-1000 meters correspond to the requirements of ГОСТ 30207 as to the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility as well as “Additional requirements for electricity accounting facilities which are directed at prevention of unauthorized intervention into their operation”.

The enterprise provides guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the meters as well as has a possibility to deliver a set of the equipment to repair the meters together with the service documentation, trains technical personnel on the basis of Novator SE.