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АЛС-МП System
АЛС-МП System Traffic Safety

АЛС-МП Special Self-Propelled 2nd Category Rolling Stock Traffic Safety System

Equipment Purpose

The АЛС-МП special self-propelled 2 nd category rolling stock traffic safety system is designed to increase traffic safety and to improve the conditions of trains control by receiving the signals from the АЛСН rail devices and their display for the engine driver of the special self-propelled rolling stock (SSRS), check and display of the movement speed for the engine driver, exclusion of a SSRS unauthorized shift, check of braking in front of a traffic light with an inhibit signal, check of vigilance.

Basic Technical Characteristics
  1. АЛСН continuous channel parameters:
    • carrier frequencies: (25 ± 0.5) Hz, (50 ± 1.0) Hz, (75 ± 1.5) Hz;
    • type of modulation: amplitude one;
    • number of information code combinations: 3.
  2. Movement speed measurement and monitoring channel parameters:
    • output signal from the distance and speed transducers is sent via two independent channels;
    • number of pulses per wheel revolution is from 1 to 255;
    • speed measurement range is from 0 to 250 km/hour;
    • speed measurement error is ±1 km/hour.
  3. АЛС-МП hardware provides operation with the ЭПК automatic-stop electropneumatic valve.
  4. The indication unit displays:
    • "Green", "Yellow", "Yellow with red", "Red", "White" signals of a locomotive traffic light;
    • actual movement speed;
    • checked or admissible movement speed depending on the design features and readings of a traffic light;
    • "Attention" signal: preliminary light signalling when checking engine driver’s vigilance.
  5. Power supply: mains of constant power supply of the locomotive with a voltage of Urtd24 V.
  6. Power consumption: 60 W, maximum.
  7. Operating temperature range: from –40 to +50°C.
  8. Overall dimensions, mm, maximum:
    • БЭЛ-П - 230х265х300;
    • БИЛ-ПГ - 420х40х60;
    • БИЛ-ПВ - 75х60х360;
    • ДПС-24 - Ø260х120;
    • БВД-М - 260х260х80;
  9. Mass, kg, maximum:
    • БЭЛ-П - 12;
    • БИЛ-ПГ - 2.5;
    • БИЛ-ПВ - 2.5;
    • ДПС-24 - 10;
    • БВД-М - 3.
Basic Advantages
  • modern microprocessor components;
  • equipment service reliability has been increased;
  • noise immunity of the equipment during reception and processing of information has been increased;
  • volume of information transmitted to the locomotive team has been increased;
  • check of engine driver’s vigilance has been increased;
  • passing of railway traffic lights and other places of movement speed limitation has been excluded;
  • unauthorized traffic of the locomotive has been excluded;
  • low current consumption and small overall dimensions.
  • Locomotive electronic unit (БЭЛ-П)
  • Locomotive indication unit (БИЛ-ПГ, БИЛ-ПВ)
  • Distance and speed transducer (ДПС-24)
  • Input and diagnostics unit (БВД-М)