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АЛС-МУ System
Система АЛС-МУ Main-Line Locomotive
Automatic Signalling

АЛС-МУ Automatic Locomotive Signalling System of Main-Line Locomotives

Equipment Purpose

The АЛС-МУ equipment is designed to increase traffic safety during train and switching operation by receiving the signals from the АЛСН railway devices and their display for the engine driver, measurement and display of the movement speed.

The АЛС-МУ equipment provides:

  • operation as to the “hot” redundancy principle;
  • АЛСН signals reception and decoding;
  • indication of traffic light signals for the locomotive engine driver;
  • check and indication of the movement parameters (actual speed, passed distance, time of the day);
  • regular check of engine driver’s vigilance with the help of indication and audio signalling;
  • formation and indication of the admissible movement speed depending on the design features of the locomotive and readings of the locomotive traffic light;
  • check and indication of the air pressure in the braking line of the locomotive;
  • check of the movement speed and automatic-stop braking when the admissible speed is exceeded as to the readings of the locomotive traffic light;
  • exclusion of arbitrary movement of the locomotive (rollingdown);
  • registration of the movement parameters in the electronic memory of the registration cassette.
Basic Technical Characteristics
  1. АЛСН continuous channel parameters:
    • carrier frequencies: (25 ± 0.5) Hz, (50 ± 1.0) Hz, (75 ± 1.5) Hz;
    • type of modulation: amplitude one;
    • half-bandwidth: 6 Hz, minimum;
    • dynamic range of input signals: 30 dB, minimum;
    • number of information code combinations: 3.
  2. Movement speed measurement and monitoring channel parameters:
    • input signal from the distance and speed transducers is sent via two independent channels;
    • number of pulses per wheel revolution is from 1 to 255;
    • speed measurement range is from 0 to 250 km/hour;
    • measurement error in the speed range up to 10 km/hour is ±1 km/hour, from 10 to 250 km/hour is (1 % ± 1 km/hour);
    • phase shift between output signals of different channels is 90° ± 30°.
  3. Power supply: direct current mains of the locomotive with a voltage of Uном = 24/50/75/110 V.
  4. Power consumption: 80 W, maximum.
  5. Operating temperature range: from –40 to +50°C.
  6. Overall dimensions, mm, maximum:
    • БЭЛ-МУ - 310х235х280;
    • БИЛ-ПГ - 420х40х60;
    • БИЛ-ПВ - 75х60х360;
    • БИЛ-С - 240х160х125;
    • БР - 265х165х45;
    • ДПС - Ø260х120;
    • ПД - 115х45х55;
    • БВД-М - 260х260х80;
  7. Mass, kg, maximum:
    • БЭЛ-МУ - 12;
    • БИЛ-ПГ - 2.5;
    • БИЛ-ПВ - 2.5;
    • БИЛ-С - 4;
    • БР - 1.5;
    • ДПС - 10;
    • ПД - 1.5;
    • БВД-М - 3;
Basic Advantages
  • modern microprocessor components;
  • equipment service reliability has been increased;
  • information processing channels redundancy has been used (“hot” redundancy principle);
  • noise immunity of the equipment during reception and processing of information has been increased;
  • volume of information transmitted to the locomotive team has been increased;
  • check of engine driver’s vigilance has been increased;
  • passing of railway traffic lights and other places of movement speed limitation has been excluded;
  • low current consumption and small overall dimensions.
  • Locomotive electronic unit (БЭЛ-МУ)
  • Locomotive indication unit (БИЛ-ПГ, БИЛ-ПВ, БИЛ-С)
  • Registration unit (БР)
  • Distance and speed transducer (ДПС)
  • Pressure transducer (ПД)
  • Input and diagnostics unit (БВД-М)