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Driver's Fitness
Support System

A new step to increase road traffic safety is continuous monitoring of the driver’s psychophysiological state en route.

The DFSS system is based on unique developments of the human psychophysiological state monitoring means patented in Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany and France.

DFSS Capabilities:

  • Display for the driver of the true estimate of his current state,
  • Warning of the driver about approach of his state to a crash-hazard one,
  • Warning of other participants of traffic about the fact that the vehicle is uncontrollable: switching-on of external light and audio signals,
  • Generation of a command to stop the engine (additional option).

DFSS Composition:

  • light and audio indicator of the driver’s state,
  • wrist (hand) sensors built in the bracelet and finger-ring,
  • unit interacting with automobile systems.

The DFSS system is installed at any vehicle.

It is especially recommended for use during carriage of people, explosive and inflammable cargoes.

The DFSS system is similar by the functions to the telemechanical engine driver's vigilance check system which has been delivered for railways for more than 10 years.

The DFSS system has been certified.