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Radar Complex

The Н001 radar is designed to operate in the armament control system of the Su-27, Su-30, Su-30MK aircraft and, to a great extent, determines their combat abilities.

To ensure series production, a powerful production base was created at Novator State Enterprise for manufacture, check, environmental and mechanical tests together with the system of metrological inspection of the radars. Thanks to this, a high and stable level of quality and reliability of the products was achieved.

The enterprise effects wide cooperation with the users as to upgrade, repair, offers services connected with maintenance of the delivered products, trains specialists in their repair and maintenance.

Novator SE has a huge experience of quick delivery of a complete range of spare parts of the Н001 radar to many countries of the world.

The technology of repair of the М45210 (М45212), М45211-2 (М45213-2), М55117-2 (М55104-2), У52171-2 (У52151-2), У52172A (У52155A) microwave modules, earlier non-repairable, has been developed. This allowed to considerably decrease the expenses for repair of the products.

The least reliable assemblies and units of the Н001 complex are constantly upgraded, this allowed to considerably increase their reliability. The enterprise replaced the low-reliability parametric amplifier in the М55117-2 (М55104-2) receiving microwave module with a more reliable low-noise amplifier. The results of the products use showed a considerable decrease in failures of the Н019-09A upgraded units and the Н001 radars as a whole.

The service equipment for maintenance and repair of the products in use is delivered:

  • ПС7-055, ПС7-061 devices to check the Н001 radar;
  • ЭРП7-036 tester to repair the Н001-22М unit;
  • ЭРП7-036АР (ЭРП7-036АТ) tester to repair the Н019-02А unit;
  • ЭРП7-037 tester to repair the Н019-09А unit.

We invite all users concerned to cooperation.